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8 Perfect Picnic Spots In London To Have Your Next Tea Party

8 Perfect Picnic Spots In London To Have Your Next Tea Party

Let’s have a party, a tea party! You don’t need to restrain yourselves indoors either. London has an abundance of open green spaces, simply get your friends together and hit the outdoors. Where to go? Well central London is always a good idea for meet-ups. We know the best London picnic spots, dust off the blanket and get your tea alfresco.

  1. Hampstead Heath

    Hampstead Heath London

    Possibly one of the first spots that comes to mind: Hampstead Heath! It’s for a good reason, too. The park expanse is immense and it has many spots for sports activities as well as for relaxing. It’s a park Londoners frequent no matter what the occasion, sports or leisure. If you make your way up on Parliament Hill the views of London’s skyline are breath-taking. Pick a spot with a good view or perhaps you can venture a little further down the hill, under an oak tree and closer to the ponds. Pour some tea and start nibbling.

    Nearest station: Camden Town (Underground), Chalk Farm (Underground)

  2. Primrose Hill

    Primrose Hill London

    Primrose hill stands just to the north of Regent’s Park. It also boasts some amazing viewpoints as well and there are plenty of spots to lay the blanket down and enjoy your tea. Do pass by Shakespeare tree before settling in, it was originally planted in 1864 to commemorate the 300th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birthday and replanted 100 years later.

    Nearest station: Camden Town (Underground), Chalk Farm (Underground)

  3. Greenwich Park

    Greenwich Park London

    Walking through the ancient trees of Greenwich park is the closest you will get to walking through history. You can stand on the Prime Meridian, explore the stunning gardens and when you are ready to set down your picnic blanket, go atop the hill. The views of the Thames and central London are pure bliss. Don’t forget to visit the Royal observatory!

    Nearest Station: Cutty Sark (DLR)

  4. Highbury Fields

    Highbury Fields London

    Highbury fields span 29 acres of lush green open space, from Highbury Corner all the way to Highbury Burn. It’s a wonderful green space to relax in the middle of the city, perhaps one of the most accessible London picnic spots, at the edge of Angel.  Being an urban park, Highbury fields has tree lined paths for cyclists and pedestrians alike and you can get a glimpse of the exquisite period properties through the trees when you enjoy your picnic.

    Nearest station: Highbury & Islington (overground & underground)

  5. Hyde Park & Kensington Gardens

    Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens

    This park hardly needs a commentary, at the heart of London it has seen all of us either passing by its numerous paths or chilling by the serpentine. Enter from speakers’ corner on a Sunday to hear what the debate is about, take the conversation with you and pick one of the many quiet spots to unwind.

    You can also walk through to Kensington Gardens, nudge your head to Albert before picking your spot.

    Side note it’s a stone’s throw away from oxford street (speakers’ corner), the museum V&A, natural History, Science museum and the Harrods

  6. Richmond Park

    Richmond Park

    Fancy your picnic with a deer? Richmond park is not just another leafy park, but an important habitat for wildlife, with protected status. In other words, a true escape to the great outdoors only you don’t need to venture far out of the city. Have a nice long walk on one of the many trails, pick your favourite spot and relax. Who knows, you might stumble upon a deer too.

    Nearest station: Richmond

  7. Bushy Park

    Bushy Park

    Once upon the time these grounds were used for hunting. Henry VIII hunting parties are obviously nowhere to be seen, the deer, however, are still around. Bushy park is the 2nd biggest royal park, after Richmond. You can stroll along Chestnut avenue, take in the beauty of the Upper Lodge Water Gardens or set your mind at ease by the Waterhouse Woodland Garden. The fresh air will certainly whet your appetite just tuck into your hamper!

    Nearest station: Richmond, check local buses & rail alternatives

  8. Victoria Park

    Victoria Park London

    Did you know this was one of the oldest parks of London? It was unofficially opened in 1845 whilst landscaping was still taking place, for Londoners it was love at first sight. Victoria Park is at the East End of London and nowadays very popular for live music concerts as well as the great open space to relax in. Make sure you have a sip from the drinking fountain, it’s possibly one of the most impressive fountains you’ve come across, enjoy your picnic in the vast open area and why not take on some rowing across the pond?

    Nearest station: Hackney Wick (Overground)

    Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of London picnic spots, the city’s parks are as numerous as its neighbourhoods. Do you have a favourite? Let us know in the comments

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